Cube & Nano Series

Waterbox has created the ultimate rimless cube aquarium system constructed from Starphire Ultra-Clear™ with carefully beveled edges to provide the best visually appealing cube aquarium on the planet.

Includes Glass & Filtration Media – Cabinet is optional on Cube 20.

Silver Marine AIO

The Silver Marine AIO series is an all-in-one aquarium for entry level enthusiasts in mind. It provides a built in filtration system in the back of the tank.  This system eliminates the barrier to entry for Saltwater Aquaria at a much lower cost.

Includes Glass & Filtration Media, Laminated Cabinet is optional.

Silver Marine

The Silver Marine series was designed for entry level aquarium enthusiasts in mind. It provides a simple reef ready aquarium system that eliminates the barrier to entry for Saltwater Aquaria at a much lower cost. Each Silver Marine includes tank, laminated plywood cabinet, sump and plumbing kit.

Includes Glass, Cabinet, Filtration, and Plumbing.

Platinum Frag

The Waterbox Platinum Frag series aquaculture system is an industry first. The Frag System provides advanced hobbyists a way to facilitate a grow out system for their frags and cultured corals. Waterbox has taken the highly acclaimed Platinum system design and created a proprietary Aquaculture style aquarium for serious hobbyists.

The Waterbox Platinum FRAG series tanks are the industry’s first production reef ready frag tanks.

Platinum Reef

Waterbox Platinum™ Reef Aquariums provide advanced hobbyist with a customizable foundation to design their dream aquarium. At its core each Waterbox Platinum is the same, however when the owner brings it to life, not a single Waterbox is the same.

Includes Glass, UV Coated Cabinet, Filtration, and Plumbing.

Platinum PRO

Waterbox Platinum™ PRO series Professional Reef Aquariums provide advanced hobbyist with a customizable foundation to design their dream Reef Aquarium. Our Professional Series Platinum Reef Tanks expand on the Platinum line with much larger full sized systems to give professional reef keepers more options.

Our Waterbox Platinum Pro systems feature extra thick 15-19mm Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Beveled Glass. Each system is 26”(650mm) wide and 24”(600mm) high, with lengths from 4.5’-6’(1386mm-1836mm)

Crystal Peninsula

The Waterbox Crystal series is designed for those looking for a more decorative approach to their Reef Aquarium. Our Peninsula or “Room Divider” is available in 3 sizes and comes in a fraction of the price of custom installations. It offers an elegant solution to break up a room and is viewable from 3 sides.

Our core principle with the Waterbox Crystal range was to provide a decorative aquarium to create virtually any type of saltwater or reef aquarium environment. The Waterbox Aquariums™ approach to Aquarium keeping is simple and allows users to work with the technology they love by offering a Marine or Reef Ready Aquarium. The Waterbox owner then chooses which lighting, circulation and filtration best suits the type of aquarium they are creating.

Filter Socks

The Waterbox filter socks are designed for maximum performance in the filtration of your aquarium.

  • Superior quality aquarium filter sock
  • Keep your water crystal clear
  • Effective at collecting detritus in the water column
  • Eco-friendly design allows for socks to be cleaned and reused
  • Available in different Micron density for specific purposes

Nozzle Kits

Waterbox has created a series of proprietary nozzle kits to maximize the performance of your Waterbox Aquarium.

3 Kits Available : Y-Shape Nozzle Kit, 2in1 Nozzle Kit, Nozzle Extension Kit.

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